Wednesday, June 26, 2013

June 22, 2013: The Loveliest of Days

I've struggled to write this post - I can't seem to get the words to sound right. How do you take this much happiness and fit it into a blogpost?

The answer is, you don't. But you try. Because it needs to be captured. It needs to be remembered. The story needs to be told. It deserves to be told. It's just too lovely to not be shared.

So, without further ado...

It all started about a month ago (May 27th), when we had this conversation on Facebook:
  • The Boy: When do those coupons you have for that restaurant in Bentonville expire?
  • Me: End of June. We should go soonish
  • The Boy: How about June 22?  (or maybe the 21st, not sure, but that weekend). We might have a chance for a fancy date with some after dinner cocktails with some Washington big-wigs
  • Me: Confused...
  • The Boy: Matt will have some people he knows from work in and Mom offered her house for some cocktails and conversation that night...I figured it would be a good excuse to get fancy for the night...I plan on wearin' a suit so I look presentable
  • Me: Ok, I have a fancy dress I haven't gotten to wear yet!
Fast-forward a month. On Friday, after an evening in with pizza and a movie, he suggested that we meet up at the Farmers' Market in Fayetteville the next morning - to kinda kick off our date day. Seeing as that's one of my favorite things in the world, I enthusiastically agreed.

And so began Saturday. We started at the market - Arsaga's coffee, fresh flowers, and popsicles. 

Then, we wandered campus for a bit searching for The Boy's name (it's not up yet) before heading back to my house. When lunchtime rolled around, we struggled to pick a place (as we always do), until he asked, "Where is your favorite place to eat in Fayetteville?"

Now, that should not have been an odd request, but, after a morning with my favorite things, lunch at my favorite place almost seemed like too much. I wondered for a minute, just a brief minute, if maybe he was planning something...special. I knew, however, that if he WERE planning something, that he'd invite Momma. So, just because I was curious, I decided to check Mom's Facebook to see what she was up to. One of her best friends had just tagged her at a restaurant in Memphis, so I realized I was probably reading into how nice he was being and he just wanted to make the day awesome. Typical. 

So, we had a lovely lunch followed by a little downtime at home until it was time to get ready for dinner. I got all spiffed up for date night and headed up to Bentonville to meet The Boy, who looked so nice in his suit. 

We had dinner at Petit Bistro in Bentonville (lovely, by the way), then headed over to his parents' place per the plan. When we got there, I noticed a few odd things (the old truck which never leaves the garage was outside, there was a beautifully decorated but oddly empty tent in the yard, and there wasn't a soul to be seen), but I put most of them off - assuming there were perfectly logical reasons for each one. The Boy parked the car and suggested we go check out this tent. 

When we got up there, I noticed that the table was laid out in an odd fashion for someone entertaining a bunch of strangers. There were flowers, and candles...and picture frames laying facedown. 

The Boy said something like "We should really put these frames up," and started to arrange them in a set. As he picked each one up, my brain began to register two different things:
  1. These were photos of us. Just of us. That made no sense for the gathering I was still convinced we were attending. 
  2. He was saying some really sweet things. Along the lines of "Remember all those times that you've asked me why I love you? And I didn't have just one answer? Well I still don't, and I know it's going to take time to show you. So, I was wondering, if you'd give me a lifetime to try"

Somewhere in there I realized what was going on, and I ended up crying and laughing and trying to listen all at the same time...and then I saw the ring and totally lost it. At some point (he assures me), I said yes, but all I remember was wanting to hug him and never let go. He put the ring on my finger, told me that it was from the 1890s and belonged to his grandmother, then he said, "and, if you'll turn around, there are a whole bunch of people back there who haven't gotten the chance to see it yet."

I remember squealing when I turned around - my parents were there, his parents were there, Little Brother & Sister (from Chattanooga) were there, his grandmother and my Papa and Tutu were there, and our pastor from church. Then I noticed his two best friends - one had a camera out already, the other was retrieving a video camera from where it was hidden (in a plant in the tent). 

The next few minutes all happened kinda fast - there were hugs, and tears, and laughs, and ooohs over the ring. Then there were champagne and toasts and the prettiest chocolate cake you've seen in a long time. 

We spent the next few hours just enjoying each other - sipping champagne and listening to the sweet playlist that he created for the event. It was such a blessing to have my whole family there and the evening was perfect. Everything I could have asked for and more. 

I'm so incredibly blessed to have this sweet man in my life. I don't know what convinced him to make that a permanent situation, but y'all, I'm kinda glad he did. 

I get to marry the man of my dreams, and I couldn't be happier. 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Brittany's Bachelorette Bash

Keeping in the vein of tryin to catch y'all up, let's talk about one of my favorite weekends from the past two months - Little Brother's Wedding! Before we jump into wedding fun, however, I want to show y'all some details from the bachelorette party I threw for Brittany.

First, just so y'all know, she loves purple, sparkles, and sweet girly things. She's not really into the whole "going out" scene, so I tried to keep this a little more intimate and low key.

Now, the details.


I found some adorable brown and purple DIY invites at a party store and knew they'd be perfect - her colors, cute, and with just a touch of fun (see the zebra stripe border?). I designed the invites and printed them at home - SO EASY.

Then, I wanted a cute way to let all the girls know what sizes to get her for the gift portion of the shower. I'd seen some sweet little lingerie cut out invite inserts on Etsy, but none were quite what I wanted. So I made my own!

I found perfectly matching paper at Joann, cut out a nighty shape, added a little lace to the top and bottom with some glue, and added a small jewel to the top (to give it a bit of Brittany sparkle). Then, I wrote the appropriate sizes on the top and bottom and slipped them into the envelopes with the invites.

Finished products. What do y'all think?


Since we wanted to keep the evening fairly low key, I got us a hotel room for the night so we could have a good ol' fashioned sleepover - complete with makeovers, manis & pedis, and chick flicks! I decorated the room in Brittany's signature purple with several touches of sparkle.

The door - they make sparkly, silver streamers! Who knew?

I made makeshift curtains with purple tablecloths to create a bit more ambiance. 

A sash and crown for the Bride-to-Be, and goodie bags stuffed with nail files, bubbles, candy, tiaras, and necklaces for the guests (which we all wore to dinner of course!)


We all went out for dinner and drinks before the evening really got started, but I wanted us to have additional snacks for the rest of the evening. I mean, what's a sleepover without late-night snacks, right? I made:

  • Rummy Bears (gummy bears soaked in Captain...for a while)
  • Two different kinds of jello shots
    • Pineapple Upside-down Cake (pineapple jello, cake vodka, and a cherry)
    • Blow Pop (watermelon jello, bubble gum vodka, and a gumball)
  • Some precious little faux nail polish bottles I saw on Pinterest (it's just marshmallows skewered with a tootsie roll on a toothpick and dipped in colored icing)


After dinner, we opened presents - she got a lot of cute stuff!

We played with bubbles for a bit...

Then we broke into the spa supplies!

We had a mani-pedi station - complete with foot soak, lotion, nail files, pumice stones, orange sticks, clippers, polish and polish remover. The possibilities were endless!

We also had a facial station - makeup wipes, a lovely apricot scrub, masks (I used the chocolate strawberry...smelled yummy, felt WEIRD), and moisturizer. There are a few photos of Brittany and me with masks on...but I'm pretending I don't know where they are...

In addition to the spa supplies, we had several movie options. 

We ended up falling asleep before the movies actually happened...but I'm sure we would have laughed ourselves silly. 

It was so much fun spending an evening bonding with my sister-in-law-to-be. I'm so glad I get to keep her forever! Love you, Britty!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Life Lately

Wow - where did the last two months go, y'all? Oh yeah: a new cat, the end of the retainer work crunch, a graduation, a wedding, a couple other weddings, tornado season, and camp. That's where.

Sorry I've been MIA. How 'bout we play catch up for a bit? Let's see where'd we leave off - Little Bear's party, I think. Well, since then:

1) We rescued/took in/accidentally fell in love with a cat. Everybody say high to Grover Cleveland. He's "serving his second, non-consecutive term" a house cat. The Boy named him. Can you tell?

2) We painted a few things.

3) I made several batches of cupcakes. (Yes, those are margarita cupcakes. Yes, I used tequila. Lots.)

4) And a fancy dinner for the sweet Moms in our lives.

5) We went to the drive-thru zoo.

6) And tried all sorts of a parking the rain.

7) I got a hair cut. Not as dramatic as last year's (only an inch this time...not 15)

8) My best friend moved away, but not without one last fabulous night out.

9) The animals and I survived a tornado (or two) in my teeny half-bath.

10) Little Brother graduated


12) So did some of The Boy's friends. And some of mine.

13) I spent a week with this little cutie...

And then I slept. A lot. Finally. I'll add more details on several of the above events throughout the week. Stay tuned and thanks for checking back in! We'll see y'all soon.

(Gigi seemed left here's a photo of the cutest pup in the world, just for fun)