Tuesday, May 27, 2014

So...We're Buying A House!

Okay...not THIS house exactly. The one we have picked out is slightly smaller...
(I don't have a clear photo of the one we're considering)  
I know, I know. You're looking at me like I'm crazy. We just got married, we're new to the city, we're still putting down roots - why are we buying a house? Well...because the timing (and financial situation) is right.

Buying was always in the plan, but we've gone back and forth on the timing of it for a while. When we first moved over, we found a little house to rent until we were ready to take the next step. We wanted to be able to save up for a down payment, to scout out areas we liked, to truly understand commute time & stress for The Boy, and so on.

This little house (and by little I mean tiny (and by tiny I mean minuscule)) has suited us well okay for the last year or so. Recent events, however, have shown us that it may be time to go ahead and find something else.

For example, a few weeks ago the city left a notice on our door letting us know that if we continued to park our car on the grass, they would impound it. Now, let me clarify here: by grass, they meant the slightly grassy area next to our driveway…you know, the one ON OUR PROPERTY. They also said that we could not park ANY car on ANY surface that was not concrete or asphalt. So…our gravel driveway (again, the one ON OUR PROPERTY) was no longer acceptable. Ummm?
Dear Del City,
       Have you seen the rest of our neighborhood?!? Matter of fact, have you seen the rest of your city?!? Really. Look around. There’s an area down the street from us nicknamed “Murder One” (and no, it's NOT because only one murder has taken place there...imagine the opposite). My Jeep being neatly parked on a perfectly parkable surface should most definitely NOT be your biggest concern. Plus, now you want us to either pour concrete (are you aware of the environmental ramifications to your city if we add more concrete and increase the amount of potentially contaminated runoff we create every time it rains?) or park my car on the street (...the street that isn't wide enough to accommodate two cars driving past each other…that street?) Sure. This totally makes sense.
So, we’re moving. And, in Oklahoma where the rental market is...tiny and sketchy at best, moving means buying. We can get a mortgage for FAR less than we'd be paying in rent for something comparable, and there are programs in OKC that help out with the down payment if you qualify (which we do). 

For the last month or so, we've been gathering documents, getting finances in order, scouting areas, chatting with our real estate agent, and chasing down various lenders leads. We've finally found one we like and are working on next steps now. It’s super exciting! (and scary, but let's focus on the exciting part)

Stay tuned for more details!