Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Nursery Sneak Peek!

A few weekends back, Momma & Daddy drove over to OKC to help The Boy and me get the nursery put together. It's not totally finished, but it's MUCH closer than it was.

I'll be sharing a full post once we get all the details finalized, but here's a quick preview til then.

The nursery is "story" themed - which is, we've discovered, a bit tricky to explain. It's not quite "storybook" but not "nursery rhyme" or "fairytale" either - it's more like a library meets a story museum. With the idea, we wanted to capture the essence of what a story is as well as bring to life some of our favorites.

We're including a bunch of little details throughout the room to highlight stories that shaped us as kids. One of our favorites is what you'll see in the below photo - large reproductions of the first pages of our favorite books.

Here's another piece I love. We found this quilt at a consignment sale - handmade by a sweet lady here in OKC. It's a little more fairytale focused than the rest of the room, but we loved the style of it and that it highlighted different elements from the fairytales, not just the characters.

We LOVE our rocker - a present from Momma & Daddy. It matches our style so perfectly and is crazy comfy (which is great since I'm sure I'll be spending a good deal of time in this corner.)

I also want to highlight the chair rail in the above photo - The Boy & Daddy put that up themselves! Aren't they handy? I love the way it's turning out. 

One last photo - these storybook pages, which are from an old children's book we found at a resale shop, will hang over Tiny's changing table. We were able to pull out the letters that spell her name and it's one of my favorite parts of the room. 

So, without further ado, Tiny's name is: 

Excited to finally share her name with everyone - it's got a lovely history to it (more on that later). We're so excited to meet Wren in September - it's so much more real now that her room is coming together!

Check back in for more photos as we get more done. Til then!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Bumpdates: Second Trimester

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Bumpdate: Week 27

It's been a good week in our world! The Boy & I spent the first half in Arkansas with his folks and got to visit with some friends along the way (always a nice addition to a trip to AR). Since I had Friday off work, we headed back towards OKC on Thursday afternoon (a road trip made all the better by the discovery of a new little popcorn shop down the street from my office - FYI dill pickle popcorn is a thing that exists and it. is. AMAZING).

My Mom & Dad arrived in OKC early Friday morning on a mission to get some work done on the nursery. We'd painted the room last week, but needed help getting the chair rail installed. Daddy came equipped with tools and the boys had it done in no time! Meanwhile, Momma and I cleaned up the crib (an antique Jenny Lind) and made a few Hobby Lobby "decor runs."

I LOVE the way the room is coming together - we have the big pieces of furniture up and most of the wall decor hung. All that's left now is the little stuff! I'll share a post just on the nursery at a later time, but for those of you curious now, the theme is somewhat library/storybook-esque (kinda hard to explain in just a few'll have to see the post). We've done a lot of the decor and work ourselves, and I love how personalized it feels.

In addition to work, we enjoyed a little downtime to celebrate the Fourth. We grilled hamburgers and corn and topped the meal off with cobbler and homemade peach ice cream.

I loved having my folks in town (Memphis is just too far away!), and I'm much more relaxed now that the nursery feels somewhat finished. Now I can focus on the rest of my far-too-long to do list. September is getting here FAST!

While I process that, here's a bumpdate for you to enjoy!

The measurement this week feels weird - how is a cauliflower bigger than the cucumber from last week? I kinda feel like the folks who decided on these comparisons got tired around week 26 and just started picking things out of a hat...

Whatever the comparison might be, she's definitely getting bigger. And sleeping is getting harder. So many folks warned me about it, but I kept thinking - "Nah, it can't be that bad, right? Just go to sleep!"

Ugh. "Just go to sleep." Riiiiight. *sigh* Oh well, she's totally worth it.

Oh, and did y'all notice? This was the last week of the second trimester! WHAT? How can I be third trimester already? Where did my magic trimester go??? How is this going so fast???

We have our 28 week appointment on Wednesday (then we start going every TWO weeks! Eeep!), and we're headed out for our Babymoon on Friday! That date seemed AGES away - can't believe it's here.

More updates to come - a nursery sneak peek & perhaps a name reveal! Stay tuned!