Monday, February 2, 2015

Seven (Part 2)

Last month we survived our first installment of Seven (check previous post for more details).

I wouldn't say that going a month with only seven items to wear was easy, but it honestly wasn't bad. I didn't have to worry about picking out an outfit every morning, I stressed far less about having the perfect accessories or shoes, and I gained a new appreciation for the wealth of clothing in my closet.

I also realized a few things:
  • I have WAY too many clothes. Even after paring down my closet earlier in the year, I still have too many. 
  • No one really seemed to notice (or care) that I was operating on a limited wardrobe, making me realize I don't need to stress so much about finding the perfect outfit each morning.
  • I still enjoy assembling outfits (even if folks don't notice), and I missed it.

I'll definitely be more thankful for the outfits I have now, and I won't be spending a ton on new items. I have a great closet and far more than I need.

That lesson learned, we move on to the next focus in Seven: Food.
We have to choose seven foods to eat for the month. Y'all...that is NOT very many things (bless my sweet husband.)

We looked at our typical diet and choose the items we eat most often:
  • Eggs
  • Chicken
  • Spinach
  • Green Beans
  • Cheese
  • Apples
  • Toast

With those items we can have salt, pepper, and butter...but that's it. No other spices, no yummy sauces, no fancy additions. We are allowing ourselves a salad dressing of choice each, but that's it.

Drink wise, we can have as much water as we want - hooray! (slight sarcasm) - and that's it. To keep ourselves sane, we're also allowing one cup of our chosen caffeine each day (coffee or soda).

Simple enough, right? Right. It's gonna be hard, y'all. I anticipate several angry words spoken against chicken in our future. I just have to remember, I'm doing this to myself. I'm sure I'll remember why when I get to have steak again.

Here goes nothing.