Monday, January 12, 2015


A little while back I fell in love with a blogger named Jen Hatmaker - she's real and funny and adorable and sassy - all the things a Southern lady should be. Plus, she loves her family fiercely and loves Jesus even more. Her posts are a bright spot in my news feed and I love checking in on her blog (for a sample, read this. I don't even have kids and that had me ROLLING.)

Anyway, a few years ago she wrote a book called Seven. I picked it up last year sometime and kept meaning to get around to actually implementing it in my life...but then life happened and, well, Seven didn't.

So, with the beginning of the New Year, The Boy and I are taking a fresh run at it (bless him for putting up with my crazy streaks).

The basic premise of the book is that each month, we focus on one area of our life where we can attack excess - food, clothes, media, spending, etc. We make simple choices, focused on one area at a time, and slowly but surely, find ways to more permanently simplify our lives (and be grateful for the excesses we're blessed to have.)

For January, we're attacking clothes. That means that for this month, we each chose seven (yes...SEVEN) items to wear...and that's all. For a month. (*panics a little*)

Sounds crazy, right? Well, it probably is.

I mean, I have a job where I have to see people everyday. They're going to notice! It's not so much the noticing that I mind, it's the noticing then not telling me but just assuming I'm a crazy person who forgot she wore that same shirt three days ago...

But, this isn't about what people think about my wardrobe or memory, it's about learning to be content and thankful, so I'm going to deal.

We made a few concessions to make it livable for our work commitments and the current season - for example, pjs & undies (in which I'm also including camisoles and tights) don't count. Neither does a coat (it's January. That's a necessity.) In addition, "shoes" count as one item. Now, that doesn't mean I'm letting myself wear any shoes in my closet (I chose three pair), but it does allow me to have "work appropriate shoes" and "dang it's cold outside" fuzzy boots. The two are not interchangeable and are both needed.

That said, for my seven items I chose:
  • A blue, long-sleeved sweater wrap dress
  • A nice black sweater
  • A casual brown and pink striped sweater
  • A dressy teal damask blouse
  • A pair of khaki pants
  • A pair of dark wash jeans
  • My shoe selection

That's it. For a month. That's all I have to work with. No fun belts or scarves (and we know I like scarves), not even my beloved Tiffany key necklace. I did allow myself my wedding ring - that seemed less like an accessory and more like, you know, a symbol of a lifelong commitment.

Since we didn't include our anniversary trip, this is only the second day, so I'm not minding it yet. I'm sure I'll feel a little more self-conscious when we get to day 4 and I'm having to re-wear a top my colleagues have already seen this week. We'll see.

That said, if you see me this month in the same outfit multiple know why.

Thanks for stopping by, and check out Seven here for more info!

Thursday, January 1, 2015



I feel like each year, about this time, I look at the calendar and think, “How did last year go by faster than ever before?”

This year seemed to speed by so quickly that I would get disoriented at times, wondering not what day of the week it was, but what month of the year. At one point last summer, I had to remind myself that no, it was not March, it was August.

I’m not sure what to blame for the speed – it could be that it was our newlywed year, it could be that I spend every other week in Arkansas, it could be that the weather seemed somewhat drunk at times (adding to the confusion). Maybe a combo of all three.

Either way, it’s 2015, and I’m determined this year to enjoy the little moments more – in an (I’m sure futile) attempt to slow it all down.

This year, I don’t’ want to make a resolution to stop something – I feel like it starts the year out on an accidental negative note. Instead, I’m deciding on a year of more.

More moments. More adventure. More spontaneity. More down time. More quiet. More laughter. More snuggles. More yes. More no. More me. More us. More everyone else.

Just more.

Can’t wait to see what 2015 brings.

Happy New Year, friends!