Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sneak Peek Week: The Flowers!

Welcome back, friends! And Happy New Year's Eve! Hope you and yours are enjoying a fun evening together.

I'll keep tonight short and sweet - how 'bout discussing flowers?

I'm a super girlie-girl, so naturally I've had many elements of my wedding day planned and envisioned in my head for YEARS.

However, my bouquet was not one of those things. I had no idea what I wanted my bouquet to look like. No idea.

Honestly, until a few weeks ago, I STILL had no idea what I wanted my bouquet to look like. Even after choosing all my other flowers. I'd honestly hit the point of "oh, I don't care. Just put something together that'll look good."

Then, I stumbled across this on Pinterest.

Isn't it AMAZING?!? I was instantly in love.

The problem was...I already had my flowers...and that bouquet is NOT made of any of the flowers I'd chosen.

Cue bridal dilemma. Where the heck am I going to find someone who can re-create a bouquet made of hard-to-find spring flowers TWO weeks before my January wedding?

Then, Momma and one of her sweet friends had a brilliant idea - they called an old friend of ours who happens to be a florist...and played the "panicked bride" card. He came through and was excited to make it happen! Can't wait to see it!

In addition to that beautiful bouquet, the other flowers we're using include: hydrangeas, spray roses, and baby's breath. All white.

Also, know what's neat? Look at the meanings of each flower I've chosen:
  • Ranunculus: Radiant
  • Queen Anne's Lace: Delicate Femininity
  • Hydrangea: Perseverance 
  • Rose: Purity
  • Baby's Breath: Festivity
How perfect are those for a wedding?!? I just love the way it all turned out. Just a few more days y'all! Come back tomorrow for more! 

Monday, December 30, 2013

Sneak Peek Week: Our Quilt!

In most areas of life, I'm fairly traditional. I like all that etiquette stuff and I abide by most understood, unwritten rules. Occasionally, however, there are things I just can't bring myself to accept as "done because that's the way it's always been done."

For example, the guest book.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the idea of keeping a record of who came to the wedding (matter of fact...I just love keeping record of stuff in general...unfortunately so does The Boy...we're doomed to a life of Excel lists and catalogs...but I digress). I don't, however, see the immediate practicality of a list of names hidden away in a book. I know myself, and so I know I'll never pull it out and look at it.

That's why I like the "new" versions of guest books - Pinterest has TONS. Jenga pieces, thumbprints, photo albums (one of my best friends used a coffee table book of our alma mater) - all great ideas. Plus, they're all useable, which means I'll have a reason to regularly look at the names of folks who joined us at the wedding!

That said, it did not take me very long to decide what I wanted to do for a "guest book." Those of you that spend any significant amount of time with The Boy and me know that we have one major difference - I'm eternally cold, he's consistently warm. It poses a problem when he wants to leave cool air running all the way into November (insane!).

So, to maintain relationship harmony, I stockpile blankets. Lots of 'em.

That, in addition to the fact that I grew up snuggling under a quilt my parents had gotten for their wedding, led me to the idea of a Guest Quilt.

It's a pretty simple concept: offer people scraps of fabric and fabric markers and have them leave notes, well wishes, memories, or just their names on their piece, then sew them all together to make a beautiful (and warm!) keepsake.

I found fabric I loved (patterned and solid), cut it into little squares, and will have it and pens ready for all of our fabulous guests.

This way, I have no doubt I'll be looking at all your beautiful names on a VERY regular basis. Can't wait to see how it all turns out!

Come back tomorrow to check out more details! 5 more days!!!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sneak Peek Week: Accessories!

Sneak Peek, Day 2! Now, admittedly, yesterday was a bit of a "pleeeeeeease take video" ploy (rather than a peek), but today is better.

How 'bout a look at the "little extras" that make up my outfit? I figure these things are easy to miss day-of, but I love them and think they should get their moment in the spotlight. Now, I also have several accessories that are counting as my "old, new, borrowed, and blue," but I'll cover those on Thursday. So, without further ado:


I struggled to choose a pair of shoes. I mean...I like shoes. But...I like Target shoes, and TJMaxx shoes, and occasionally...Payless shoes. I'm not a fancy-shoe kinda girl. And yet, when it came to my wedding shoes, I felt this crippling need to find Kate Spades or Christian Louboutins or something similar (that would likely cost as much as my dress). I eventually was able to squash the Pinterest devil sitting on my shoulder telling me that I was a wedding shoe failure, and I picked out shoes that I not only like, but that were VERY reasonably priced. Thanks, ModCloth! Sure, they aren't brand name or designer, but I like 'em...they're covered in lace and they sparkle. S'alright in my book!


Oh Etsy...the things I didn't realize I needed until you came along.

Exhibit A: handmade, burlap and lace handbag

Will anyone else at the wedding even see this, much less notice it? Probably not. Will I care that it exists and is perfect? Most definitely. And that's what matters, right? Isn't it precious?


Whenever I travel, I buy myself new perfume. I wear that scent for the entire trip, then, from that point on, each time I wear it, it's like I'm back in London/Granada/Sapporo/Delhi all over again. Scent is the sense most closely tied to memory and it's amazing how easily you can slip back in time with just a whiff of something familiar. Since I want to treasure every moment about this day forever, I decided to buy myself a new scent.

I went into Sephora with absolutely no clue what I was going to get, and then I met the Perfume Fairy.

I have no idea what her actual name was, but I swear she's magical. She had a quick conversation with me about my preferences, plans, etc., then whisked me away down the aisle to a gorgeous little bottle with a purple label. She explained the history behind the line - two friends moved to Italy, started a clothing line, expanded into perfumes, and named each scent after a strong female in history. The bottle she was suggesting was called "Colette" and it was named after a French author who wrote...wait for it...Gigi. I about fell over. Not only did I LOVE the scent (it was exactly what I was looking for), it was named after the woman who wrote one of my favorite stories (my puppy is named after that story!). Fate, destiny, magic. Whatever it was, I came away with this, and I never looked back. 


This little detail just makes me smile every time I see it. Are these not adorable? I found them on (you guessed it) Etsy, and the lady who makes them lives in Russelville! They fit the theme perfectly and I just love 'em. So much so that I'm kinda dreading tossing one of them...c'est la vie, I guess.

That's it for today, folks! Tune in tomorrow for another round. Til then!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Sneak Peek Week: Be Our Videographers!

Hi sweet friends! Guess what - the wedding is a week from today! Ahhhh! In celebration and anticipation, I've decided to let y'all in on a few special elements - one every day for the next week.

To start us off, I wanted to talk a little more about our videography plan. I know I mentioned it once before in a post, but just in case you missed it, here it is again (with a few more details).

When it comes to videography - we need y'all's help. We want Y'ALL to be our videographers! All you need is an iPhone or Android!

We did not hire a videographer for our wedding. Instead, we’re using WeddingMix. Basically, we've paid this company to make us a custom app that we can share with you. If you download it onto your phone and take videos during any part of our wedding weekend, they will edit and compile them into a wedding video for us. You can upload all your photos after the wedding, too! (see upload link below).

To get the app, simply go to the App store or Google Play - and download the WeddingMix app (it's free!). Then start shooting!

The password to log into our wedding is 8J8X2 (it also works as a hashtag on Instagram - #8J8X2...more on that below.)

Feel free to take videos as much or as little as you want of ANYTHING (seriously, anything). As much as we'd love to capture all of the "standard" wedding moments, we'd also love y'all to video your ride down, getting ready, any well wishes, etc. Have fun with it! (Just remember to keep those cameras horizontal, team).

Also, if you use Instagram, WeddingMix will pull any photos you tag with our code for us to use as well! You just have to add the wedding code as an additional tag. So, use #8J8X2 in addition to our "official" hashtag, #paulanapalooza.

Finally, we'll also have three video cameras to pass around throughout the event. If you get the chance to use one, grab us some good footage, okay? 

I can't wait to see the stuff we get! Thank you all so much for being part of our day. We can't wait to celebrate with everyone! #7days!

Come back tomorrow for another sneak peek!

Additional Details:
Adding photos/video from other devices AFTER the wedding:  
  • If you shoot videos or photos on another device (digital camera, camcorder, etc.) and would like to upload to our folder:
    • Download the files to your computer. If the files are .mts, .mpg or .avi, convert them to .mp4 or .mov.
    • Go to:
    • Upload the files (bottom right corner) - up to 500mb/file.
That easy!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

(Throwback) Thankful Thursdays: Week 4

Since I didn't blog last Thursday (because it was Thanksgiving and all), here's the fourth and final edition of Thankful Thursdays.

Day 21: My Momma

I'm thankful for her everyday - but particularly every November 21st. Hope you had a Happy Birthday, Momma!

Day 22: My guard-cat

Even if that does mean he brings me dead spiders and picks fights with 65lb dogs. He spent the entire first night that my folks were in town running interference between me and my childhood dog - who he apparently had deemed a threat. Crazy cat. Bless it.

Day 23: Cozy, fireside evenings and good conversation

After a day of packing, we were able to spend the evening at my future-in-law's - complete with a home-cooked meal and warm fire. Loved having (almost) everyone in the same place (we missed The Boy).

Day 24: Take-out after a long day of packing

We started early, and kept going til late. But we got most of the house packed! As a reward, pizza. 'Cause sometimes you just need to sit on the floor and watch a movie without having to worry about cooking or cleaning up.

Day 25: My sweet, thoughtful FiancĂ© and Moving-day Treats

We drove half of my stuff to Oklahoma to drop it off at the new house. When we arrived, this note was waiting for us - as well as the treats it promised. Love this kid.

Day 26: Sweet Bo

Loved gettin to spend the week with this crazy pup - compulsive circles, crazy ears, and all. There will never be another dog like this one.

Day 27: Annual Thanksgiving prep with Momma

We have a routine, me and Mom. We do the same things every year - no matter where Thanksgiving happens (Memphis, Cleveland, an apt in New York, or an empty apartment in Fayetteville). It's so nice to know that some things never change. Especially tiny turkeys.

Day 28: Thanksgiving with my favorites

We spent Thanksgiving at the Valentine's and loved every minute. My new family is just as loud and crazy as my original family - which means we all fit together perfectly. Hope yours was warm and happy, too.

Day 29: My Daddy

I skipped posting a photo this day because of the move, but it would have gone to this guy. He spent all week with me - moving stuff out of my apartment, half to Oklahoma, half into a truck, then taking the truck across town, moving the stuff out of the truck, and jenga-ing it all into a storage unit. All without complaining or cursing my multitude of things. Thanks for loving me so much, Daddy.

Day 30: Unfortunate Fortunes

Daddy got this one at dinner...after spending the day moving. It hit a little too close to home, but after a week of "moving" it was also a much needed giggle.

I hope your November was warm, full of happy, and reminded you of all the things you have to be thankful for - big, small, and ironic. I hate that our culture is squeezing November out to make way for the consumption that Christmas brings. I find far more beauty in thankfulness than I do in buying (and even getting) gifts, and it just seems that it's being pushed aside thoughtlessly.

Challenging myself to find something to be thankful for in every day this month really lifted my spirits - and I hope y'all enjoyed it, too.

Now, bring on the twinkle lights, Christmas carols, and snow days. 'Tis the season, after all. Happy Holidays, friends!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wedding Wednesdays: The Website & App

Hi friends! I've gotten several requests for lodging/travel info and what not - well guess what?

There's an app for that! (and also a website).

Paul and I have included TONS of helpful info on our website: how to get here, where to stay, what to do, where the events are, where we're registered (did y'all know Disney World let's you register for CARRIAGE RIDES? They do!), etc.

Here's the link - go check it out!

It's also available in app form. You can download Appy Couple from the app store (Apple or Android) and have access to all the info on the go (or on your tablet if that's how you roll). All you need is our super secret code: 18324.

Go crazy, kids.

Oh yeah, there's also this:


Everyone else as excited as we are?!?