Wednesday, February 5, 2014

DIY: Magnetic Makeup Board

So, we have a tiny bathroom.


Like just-large-enough-to-turn-around-in tiny.

It comes with a sink, but no counter/vanity space. It makes doing makeup in the mornings a little...tricky. Up til recently, all my makeup was piled in a bag that I kept in a cabinet next to the sink. It made for lots of digging, searching, sifting through piles. Not the best method.

Then, I saw a brilliant idea on Pinterest: a magnetic makeup board.

The concept was simple - frame a sheet of metal, stick magnets to the back of all your makeup, organize them on the metal, done. A PERFECT solution for my tiny bathroom.

So, we went to Hobby Lobby, picked up a few supplies, and an hour or so later - this:

I love it! Not only is it a great solution to my no counter issue, it makes for a pretty wall display. Thanks, Pinterest people!

DIY Magnetic Makeup Board


  • 1 sheet of metal
  • 1 frame (in desired size, I went with 12x16)
  • Your choice of fabric and embellishments
  • Small, round ceramic magnets
  • Super glue

1. Cut the metal down to the desired size (you'll need tin snips)
2. Wrap the metal in your choice of fabric and place it in frame

3. Add any desired embellishments (I stuck a magnet to the back of a fabric flower so I can move it around if needed)

4. Stick magnets to the back of all your makeup

5. Organize on the board

6. Hang and admire!

Thanks for reading!

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